Attract Body Buttaa

  • Attract Body Buttaa
  • Attract Body Buttaa

Attract ; Attracts !!! With it's clean luxury soft scent this body butta is perfect to wear on a daily basis !!! Attract has a nice fresh scent that smells great on both men and women. As soon as you take of the lid, it smells amayzing !! Attract comes without glitter. Glossmee body butter gives your skin a beautiful glow. Once applied, our body butter suddenly melts leaving your skin and hair smooth, shiny and hydrated. We use all natural products which makes our body butters great for eczema, sensitive skin, uni-sex & all skin tones.

Shelf Life: 12M

Aroma: Breezy , fresh , lavish scent

Size: 8 oz. container

Ingredients: A natural skin butter, avocado oil , and fragrance.

*contains a mango substance

*WHAT ELSE? Clean, Natural, Breath-taking and Earth-Conscious.